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4.00 am morning directly we are moving to Mirissa is a small town on the south coast of Sri Lanka, located in the Matara District of the Southern Province. Mirissa's beach and nightlife make it a popular tourist destination. It is also a fishing port and one of the island's main whale and dolphin watching locations.

It is a beautiful beach, with a relaxed and laidback atmosphere. Along the beach are plenty of small restaurants and cafes, serving delicious and fresh seafood. After dark, the restaurants put out tables on the beach, light lanterns, and candles, and serve seafood barbecues. Super nice!

The beach is relatively large with plenty of space to put out towels, lay down and just relax and watch the beach life. Mirissa is designed for simply sitting and being! If one really wants to get up and do some action, the water is very clear which makes it perfect to go snorkeling around the small reefs and rocks.

Whale watching in Mirissa

Come watch, study and photograph the largest creatures on earth, the Whales at Dondra Point in Mirissa, a destination famed for some of the finest Whale and Dolphin sightings in the world.

Mirissa situated in the southern coast of Sri Lanka is the closest point to the continental shelf and on the migratory route of Whales as they move closer to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, primarily to breed.

Take an exciting yet comfortable boat trips out to sea and be fortunate to see Blue Whales; the largest creatures on earth, Bryde’s Whales, Sperm Whales, Killer Whales and Fin Whales. You can also meet pods of friendly Dolphins such as the Common dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins, Spinner dolphins, Risso’s dolphins and striped dolphins as they playfully somersault and dance on the ocean waves. There’s also a good chance of seeing flying fish, turtle, manta rays and even sharks. The best time to Whale watch is between November and April each year. Take back beautiful memories of the gentle giants of the ocean; it’s a once-in-lifetime experience!

 From that one-day trip is over.


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